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Myanmar: you will overcome, a malagasy voice for freedom

2007-10-04 @ 07:32 in Politika

For once I’m blogging in english because today is a special day. Do you know that today is a blogging day for Burma freedom? I’m sure that all of us have heard the events about this country few days ago. 


I Haven’t been speaking english for twelve years after studying it five years and failing at the final exam. It’ s reason why I’d just like to be understand. I’m not so good writing it. I used to write in malagasy language only.

It’ s not because the protest against the Myanmar junta crushed down and that we don’t have any news from Burma that make us shut up. All people have the right to be honoured so are the Burmese ones. They are under junta rules for over forty years and even nowadays any soldier who needs someone to work for him takes who he wants from any village and there is no salary in return: that means for me slavery. So I would cry to stop slavery. 


In regarding Myanmar events, I look at malagasy history under french colonisation. I understand very well now why some of our grandfathers took arms to fight against settlers at 1947. I think it’s not in eastern people culture to be on strike but they can do it if the situation very worst. So I join the voice that Myanmar needs to be free, free of dictature.  


For instance, I Condemn all corporation that come with the junta and support it anywhere they come from.


Wind of change

The wind of the change seems to have blown here ;) great post and also pretty new theme
Nampidirin'i tomavana @ 11:57, 2007-10-04 [Valio]

Terrific initiative. Who know how 1947 would have turned out if more exposure and protests such as this one were available back then ?
It's cliche but in fact, we are all a bit Burmese today.

Nampidirin'i Lova @ 16:21, 2007-10-04 [Valio]

You're one of the kind ! I 'm 100% joining this fight
Wai รด vitako ihany namaky an'ty post ty hatrany farany....

Your have the greatest soul in the blogasfera !

Bises jentilisa !

Nampidirin'i jogany @ 23:06, 2007-10-04 [Valio]

yeah, I totally agree.
And what makes me sick is the way western countries are handling the issue. I mean, what the hell, those are monks man!!! I really think that Bush is sucks and he's infecting everyone. Is he waiting for a terrorist attack to act, or still busy with some crappy story on Iraq.

This reminds me of our story in 2002. They actually ignored us while struggling. They started to consider to help people, while we settled things already. And guess what? they became heros out of it! Uselesssssss!!!!!!!!!

Nampidirin'i simp @ 23:30, 2007-10-04 [Valio]
Momba ahy

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